Zombi Craft


Zombi Craft is a remake minecraft map based on the Naz! Zombie on Call of Duty series.

The map contains 3 different zone you could explore to.

Nacht der Untoten:

Very difficult. No perk cola’s, small space to work with. Its difficult to reach high rounds, a very challenging map


Easy. It’s a large Map with lots of room to run around. all 5 perk cola’s and a packapunch machine. If you’re looking to have some light fun and reach a high round. Recommend this map.

Unlockable map: (verrukt)

There is not much space to run around in, It’s the most fun map. It always keeps you on your toes and when you let your guard down it painfully reminds you its not so easy.

Client Version1.16.1

——Included in the map——

  • – 5 working cola’s
  • – Nuke, Insta-kill, Carpenter, Double Points
  • – over 15 guns
  • – Pack-a-punch
  • – 3 maps
  • – gum gum machine (use points to buy gum gums. Enhances next game)
  • – Power system
  • – Trap activation
  • – Mystery Box
  • – rebuildable barriers
  • – Zombie health increase


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