Yolo 2 A New Ending


Minecraft Yolo 2 is a sequal of Yolo map by CloudsGraphics and is a Parkour challenge map.

My first impression when I saw Yolo 2 trailer is that this map is similar to Epic Jump Map series and apparently bodil40 one of the creator of EJM did play this map .

Yolo is a very colorful map , as of any parkour theme most of the time you would be jumping on air and this map takes it a bit further by giving us the impression like we’re riding a roller coaster.

: CloudsGraphics
Version : 1.7 and above

The colorful textures add more fun as everything looks great from beyond the clouds, the jumps are thrilling and the most fun part for me is where we had to jump through a deep waterfall like blocks from clouds high.

Words doesn’t give this map justice you guys gotta watch the trailer and try it yourself to know how great it is.

YOLO Parkventure V2.1


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