XT-1 is an exploration Minecraft map , could also be a survival map as you journey through the space on XT-1 gigantic airship.

The gigantic airship includes ever building you can think of. Read the synopsis below :

On 2200 where the world isn’t big enough and non-habitable place for humans cause the earth’s surface is so damaged by pollution and natural disasters,humans must race against chaotic on earth, such as foods,shelters and anything that humans needs.

Creator: KoemRiot
Client Version: 1.12

But scientist,architecture,and engineer has just discovered how humankind can survive with non-habitable earth’s conditions. They create something fly where it can save a lot of humankind with bringing the city atmosphere back from disappearing.

XT-1 (X-tra Town) is an example of so many cutting-edge technologies that developed and created before the destruction of the world. Is the united from architecture,engineer,and scientist skills,this gigantic airship make this flying city’s concept to the futuristic thing


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