Wrath Of The Assassins RPG


Wrath of The Assassins is a mix and match of Assassin’s Creed and Skyrim video games. Just like the video game you are allowed to free roam or help npc with their quest.

Your parents were killed during a burglary by the Undead bandits. You were 6 years old when this happened. You are now 18 years old and you have chosen to become an assassin.

The leader of the Undead bandits’ name is Rakkios. In time you will get revenge. You will silently take out marked targets by your master. You will kill criminals and other victims. When you are ready, you will go after Rakkios.

Genre: Adventure

Sibogy, the developer promised that WOTS is the kind of RPG world you wanted to be in Minecraft. The game also promote its delicate storyline and adventure. Sibogy also insist that WOTS must be used with faithful texture pack.

Faithful Texture Pack

Wrath Of The Assassin – Created By Sibogy


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