Worldmaker is a world generator where you can choose from different genre of world you’d like to be in.

Minecraft itself has a generic world maker as when you pick to play a new game – a new world is created for you but usually the world is just a generic world with no specific type.

Worldmaker let you choose from 6 types of land.

Mystical Island – An archipelago with floating islands and with underwater bubbles
Vastwood – Forest.. deep forest where you can get lost
Planetoids – Map full of round floating planets
Primordial Desert – Just like its name, a big desert with low resources made for the hardcore player
Dungeons – A web of dungeon with dangerous surfaces like lava and so on
Woolpocalypse – Peaceful world with sheeps and rolling grass

If you play Cities Skylines before, think of it as choosing types of map you like to start your world with example – ones with large river, ones with large sea, desert and so on.


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