If you enjoy ww2 movies and tv series or video games like bfbc then you are going to love WW2 map we have here.

This map has four bases which based on the real WW2, the bases are

1. USA
2. Italy
3. Germany

With each base it has an airfield, 12 soldiers beds and some other military buildings too for you to destroy, explore or sight seeing while planning how to demolish it. The map is mostly designed for Flans mods (WW2 content pack) and suitable to be used in a bigger server.

WW2 map actually comes in 2 version , one with black wool airplane based and another is made by stone . The one we have here is the one made by stone in which planes will not be able to destroy the base.

Map is designed to be used with flan’s mod however players are not required to install it.

wW2 Map

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