World of Pokémon!


World of Pokemon is the largest minecraft Pokemon world map made based on the six region in the game and anime series. It is currently still a work in progress but playable for single and multi-player.

Take a look at the screenshot and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t need much explanation of how good this world is.

If you are a fan of a pokemon games and anime then you should know this six regions, listed according to the series they are :

  1. Kanto (Red, Blue, Yellow)
  2. Johto (Gold, Silver, Crystal)
  3. Hoenn (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald)
  4. Sinnoh (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum)
  5. Unova (Black, White, Black 2, White 2)
  6. Kalos (X, Y)

Additional hidden area that needs to be explored are ;

It also contains a few, mostly unfinished areas from these games:

  1. Orre (Colosseum)
  2. The Sevii Islands

However according to the dev of this map the areas are still unfinished. All of these region are connected with minecraft tracks and there are stations in Saffron City, Goldenrod City, Lilycove City, Jubilife City, Nimbasa City, and Lumiose City.

Since you know this is like the whole game combined in one big world, the file size for it is about 120mb big.. For now. We expect the file will be bigger once the world are perfected.

Download WOP!


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