World of FoxShot OpenSource Project is a big city world made for Minecraft.

According to CraftyFoxe, FoxShot was founded on the ideals of creating an open-source downloadable realistic Minecraft map available for everyone to enjoy.

Creator: Foxshot team
Client Version: 1.12

To me it looks like a big open world for us to roam. It has everything a big metropolitan city has. Some parts of the world kind of remind me of GTA V world.

From shipyard, to airport , bank, naval base, Suburban area, industrial area, farmland, prison, railyard, oil rigs, for some reason Iraq , and also KFC with many more buildings that I don’t remember to include here.

And just like your guess, the file size is super big at 1gb big. It sure is a big world map.

Now if you don’t want to download the map you can play it online on its minecraft online server at :

Or if you want to play it single player you can just download the file below.


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