Will You Stay is a short minecraft horror map made by xXAnimAnXx. It is made specially for Halloween and can be played on client version 1.8 and 1.7.10.

Joe is a happy OCD kid that think he’s smarter than any other teen in his age. He would never do anything or go near anything that would seem weird or unusual. Often he would walk away from those things.

One day he saw a house, a big pretty house which attracts Joe to go inside. There he saw a family, a happy family and all the sudden Joe lost his will to go back as he fell in love with the house and the family, he felt here is a much happier world.

Joe ended up staying there for 3 years.. Unaware that what he sees and felt attracted too isn’t even human.

Will You Stay has its own texture pack which is why the file is sized at 53mb big. According to the creator, some of the textures are from The Orphanage Horror’s .

The Orphanage is one of Minev recommendation map to be played. Make sure you try it too

WYS Horror Download

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