Who stole Grandma’s cookies?!


Who stole Grandma’s cookies?! is a Christmas theme map with features gameplay like find the hidden button . Made especially for Minecraft.

I know Christmas was yesterday but still we can play Christmas map right?

Who stole Grandma’s cookies?! Map has 50 hidden cookies spread all over the map and you won’t be able to find it in one sitting as the map is super huge.

Play it with friends or alone as the map supports Minecraft online multiplayer sessions and is allowable to be use on your Minecraft Server too.

Creator kimandjax
Client Version1.14

So in this map it has the most ridiculous minecraft christmas decorations I’ve ever seen. Let’s just say the spirit of Christmas is overwhelms .

Once you’re in the game you’ll need to run two commands:

First, type /function cookiehunt:admin/panel and click on Generate Scoreboard
Second, type /gamemode adventure 


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