WHITE NIGHTMARE 3: HEART OF CORRUPTION is a horror map made for those who thinks they can’t be scared.

This is actually a continuation of the previous sequel map. In the last version you were dragged by Herobrine to a portal that sent you to a realm beneath a darkness of the Void in the End Dimension.

Creator: hydra45
Client Version: 1.12

You’ve manage to escape but not before you came face to face to a far worse danger which is Null, the creator of Herobrine and Entity 303.

You manage to fled the land of the Void but you heard the Null threatens to destroy the Overworld and torment its people forever. However you thought that it was just an empty threat.

But you were wrong. When you emerge back to the Overworld, however, you realize that it has already fallen….the Century Portal has transported you a hundred years into the future, where Null has already brought the Apocalypse of Nightmares to Minecraftia.


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