White Cavern Parkour


Are you bored with almost the same parkour map available now? Is there no map out there that you couldn’t defeat? Well yes, White Cavern Parkour will give you the biggest parkour challenge you could have.

We’re not kidding when we said it’s big, it really is. There are about 50 checkpoints in this map and almost every type of parkour are available. Piston jumps,Slime Block jumps,speed boost jumps and everything in between.

Creator: DGLCraf
Client Version: 1.8

The creator of this map made this to challenge everyone to live and finish map till the end line with lower count of death. Sound simple enough but once you try it, you’d be raging with anger.

The game-play would last about 1-2 hours and please take note , beginner shouldn’t try this map unless you’re into pain.

Spawn : X 1023.Y 5, Z -149

White Cavern DGLCRAFT Download


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