Wayward Wonders is one of the most beautifully crafted open world CTM map I have seen released this year.

Creator: m0ndy
Client Version : 1.8.3

There are two monuments: The Adventure Monument (12 blocks) and the Wool Monument (15 blocks).

If you aren’t a CTM fan, afraid not because this map wasn’t all just about CTM. It is an open world where you can basically explore go on an adventure and do what you want as it is also made combined as a survival and adventure map.

The maps also has random events which makes every new gameplay or path you take won’t have the same storyline or events.

As usual with this type of grandiose map it has everything from custom mobs, events, items, equipment , mini boss, larger boss, final boss, dungeon, temples, quest, moral choices, npcs, custom shop and many more . Thus is why the file size for this map is 600 MB big.

Just like Canon Printer, it’s has “all in one” function. Neat…..


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