Water Temple is an adventure map with many hidden secrets.

Creator: jessy999
Client Version: 1.13

This map is a story about The Toporians and The Pentagram pieces.

The Toporians knew everyone among them. Even though they live in a quite big village, everyone knew their mother, father , aunt, nephew, siblings and relatives friends.

However they are five people that they knew nothing of. Which is the people that called themselves Pentagram Pieces.

The Pentagram Pieces have a temple which anyone can enter if they will.

The temple had 3 levels.

The first level is so huge it can fit the whole village and held ceremony there.

The 2nd level is only for Kings and Queens or the priest. This is where they kept important papers and tablets.

The third floor no one knew what was in it. But they think there is Pentagram pieces in it.

The peoples that should have these pentagram signs are ignis, aqua, terra, spiritus auras

So play this map because it’s interesting.


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