Waka Island pocket edition is the same Waka Island map for pc that we got here except that this one is made for the android and ipad tablet.

Genre : Survival
Version : MCPE
Developer :Xenocorpse

Even though it’s the same map as the pc version, it has only 3 islands in this version including 1 special island made just for waka island pocket edition. The three island included in this map is the hills island, the snow island, and the desert island. There are also caves and unique scenery for you to discover.

To finish this map you have to completed the challenge listed below, since it’s for the pocket version the list of challenges has been reduced to 10 instead of 80’s from the pc version.


1. You are not allowed to play on PEACEFULL
2. Do not use InvEditors like PocketInvEditor
3. Be careful when using Nether Reactors. They spawn a huge square of netherrack that is almost impossible to remove.

Note: To officially “complete” the map, the following challenges must be completed !

1. Make a Diamond Chestplate and a Diamond Sword
2. Get 64 Beetroots
3. Get 64 Carrots
4. Get 64 Baked Potatoes
5. Get 32 Bookshelves
6. Make and use a Nether Reactor Core
7. Get 32 of any colored carpet
8. Make 16 Bricks
9. Explore all 4 islands
10. Get 16 of Spruce, Birch, and Oak Saplings

WakaIslandsPE v0.2.0


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