For other parkour maps, all you need to do is jump. For Virtuosity, it’s the ultimate minecraft challenge that you have never seen before!

Other parkour maps gets boring easily but Virtuosity thrives to not make you feel the same. You need skills to finish Virtuosity, just jumping alone won’t get you past any challenge.

Creator: de_groot_69 & redarlex
Client Version: 1.8

There’s timing that needs planning, optimizing and checking the angles the way you jump and all kind of skills you could acquire on minecraft is needed to succeed in finishing this map.

But parkour alone isn’t the only thing you need to worry about, the map isn’t short of puzzles that needs solving. It surely will crack your brain in figuring ways and how to utilize your parkour and puzzle solving skills.

There’s a unique function in this map that allows you to sprint in midair. Go to settings and set the sprint option on your keyboard and enjoy your sprint in midair!


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