A survival map where you need to survive while living with npc villagers. It is made for tablet users with MCPE version 0.9.0 and above.

This is the first custom map made by Frassomo. Everything in the village is modified and there is quest that you will need to complete in order to live.

The main motive is that everyone must be inside the stone brick walls of your village or the game will end. There is also a swamp nearby which is the only place where you are allowed to travel but if you decided to stay after sunset, your villagers will die.

So what will you do, do you stay in the village like a headless chicken or will you do something to break this curse?

  1. Only 5 villagers can die, if more die your out.
  2. No cheating
  3. No Mods
  4. Don’t let a single Villager out
  5. Return to the village from the swamp before sunset or else your out.
  6. You can also play this on Multiplayer

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