Here’s a continuation of Village Survival 1 with more additional fun added for your MCPE.

In this version, Herobrine will attack your village.

Like previous version what you need to do is to make sure all the villagers stay inside town day and night. The farthest place you could go to is the lake nearby and you must come back before sunset or the villagers will die all the while fullfilling the mission given below ;

Developer: Frassomo
Client Version: 0.9.0 above


  1. -Kill every single zombie pigman
  2. -Survive for 60 Minecraft days
  3. -Fix the entire Village (Yes you can Customize it)
  4. -Collect all the Emerald Blocks
  5. -Have 5 pigs and 8 cows
  6. -Dye a sheep Pink
  7. -Have Pink Wool
  8. -Don’t Die
  9. -Don’t kill a villager
  10. -Multiplayer (Optional)

Yes it’s a multiplayer map where you can invite friends over your game . Have fun


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