Vigilis Oculos CTM

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Vigilis Oculos is one of Septum Immoriel series of maps made by Fangride. It is considered as one of the hardest CTM map available currently for minecraft.

Vigilis Ocolus is a mini CTM map and made for the hardcore players who thinks they can handle the hardest survival task in order to finish the monument.

Developer: Fangride
Client: 1.7.x and above

This map is made up of four unique areas each attentively linked in a creepy-crawly, alert conditions and subject to the enigmatic Argus head of a a number of powerful creatures called Watchers. Overcome it for the four Wool and one Diamond Block, and complete the Monumentum Vigilis to claim triumph!

It has a linear branching storyline attached which means you will have to follow event sequences and storylines but with option to choose from.

Vigilis Oculus 1.3


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