Vanaheim The City Ship


Vanaheim is a self sufficient space colony for journey between earth and a colonize-able planet. The main hull of this leviathan acts as a shield for the vulnerable city underneath it, deflecting heats, asteroids, and other hazardous objects.

Genre Minecraft Adventure
Developer Ragnur Le Barbare

You can mine at the back of the outer shell as it has a mining complex build to mine mineral-rich asteroids that hits the ship. Mineral rich asteroids are transporter with smaller crafts to the gaping maw of the smalter and be careful it could burn you.

Directly under the belly of Vanaheim is its heart: the huge Foundry/Factory, in which what comes out of the smelter is used to build spare parts, ship components, and even ship hulls, allowing Vanaheim to build and repair not only itself, but its own fleet of vessels.

In the upside-down city of Vanaheim sits comfortably house thousands of colonists, including their families. Stores, cinemas, and entertainment areas are there to make sure that everyone who isn’t currently working at the Factory is as happy as possible. Some buildings even contain gardens, for the spacefarers who want to stay close to nature (and grow their own vegetables).

Huge hangars on the side of the ship allow each citizen to have his own spacecraft, for recreational and asteroid-handling purposes. Don’t get too close to the engines though, those massive thrusters pack a punch!


Ragnur Le Barbare




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