Are you in a long distance relationship? Then take your partner out in Valentine’s Day Theme Park minecraft map. This map supports minecraft online multiplayer session

This map was originally made for PopularMMOs and GamingWithJen but is released to public as well.

Creator: titansofcreationofficial
Client Version: 1.12.2

Since the map name is Valentine’s Day Theme Park , I’m sure you can tell that this map is about theme park attractions in Valentine’s theme.

It consist of mini-game and nice buildings put together in a large theme park to make you feel like you’re in a real life theme park playground.

Most of the games are made for 2 players but there’s also games for single player.

– Played in Survival Mode -Set “Block” volume to 100 and Master Volume to at least 1

– Important: When you first join the game, make sure to have the gamerule doFireTick false until you enter the burning structures, and I recommend you do Wipeout and the FTB (Find the Button) before the burning structures or else parts of the map might get destroyed due to fire.


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