Underground secrets v1.0 is a CTM minecraft map with a linear storyline which is quite enjoyable to play.

Creator: bnfgh
Client Version: 1.12

First of all, since it’s a ctm map it’s also a combat map full of mobs. So if you like combat then this map is for you.

Secondly, if you like Vechs’ Spellbound Caves, Inferno Mines, Waking Up or Legendary, and or Amlup’s Uncharted territory which is mostly map with linear storyline than this map is very much similar to it plus the dungeons are beautifully made.

The standard for ctm is 16 wools and 3 metal blocks to win.

Among other features available in the map is 16 + 1 dungeons, custom geared mobs , custom loots and command blocks.


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