The Ultimate Sword is an adventure rpg map for minecraft.

Your name is Johnny and you are kidnapped by a mad person name MasterGamingMC. Yes he’s the creator of this map and he’s also a crazy madman that kidnapped you to his laboratory.

Creator: MasterGamingMC
Client Version: 1.11

There you learn the secrets of the ultimate sword which is a legend in your world. What will you do now? It’s all up to you to continue the storyline.

You can be good, help save the world from a madman or be evil, conquer the world and be the new madman.


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  1. Hello Thanks for the nice description and spreading the word about my map! So I’ve got some news if you have played the Ultimate Sword. The Secrets of the Lab a much more detailed RPG puzzle and Adventure is coming out! But the catch is, it will be 2-3 months until it is released. Trust me it will be much better quality!


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