Ultimate Modded Survival 2: Unique Scoreboard Shop, Material Conversion System and Sidequest for a special modded/non-modded survival!

GenreSurvival, Adventure
Version1.6, 1.5



The Conversion System: Has the ability to allow the player to convert materials (Cobblestone, Dirt, Rotten Flesh, etc) into Bullion, the game’s Scoreboard currency(note: the amount of materials available to be converted is only up to 6 slots, so the creator used the most over-aqquired resources[again, cobblestone, dirt, etc.] as well as emeralds[why trade with villagers if you have a shop in the sky?] to be available for conversion.

Materials Shop: This shop will be just like a regular items shop but with a twist; unless you throw a material in the appropriate hopper, then that material will not be available to be purchased within the shop. This prevents people who just start a new game from getting diamonds.

Sidequest : The villiage of Hollowveil has been abandoned for nearly 50 years and been called haunted by some, but could it really be haunted




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