Ulticraft Adventure


Ulticraft Adventure is a minecraft online multiplayer minigame map that contains 22 mini game in all .

Creator: xxUltimate50xx
Client Version: 1.12.2

This map is a map where you play against your friends in different types of minigame quest and battle. Some of the arena and stages can be similar to each other but still fun to play.

Mini Games

  1. Find the Button!
  2. Burning map!
  3. Sumo!
  4. Guess!
  5. Parkour!
  6. Spleef!
  7. Dropper!
  8. Fish Him!
  9. Food Brawl!
  10. Trapdoor Race!
  11. Cat vs Mouse!
  12. King of the Ladder!
  13. Archery!
  14. OITC (One In The Chamber)
  15. Capture the Flag!
  16. Guess Picture!
  17. Planet Adventure!
  18. Build Battle!
  19. Treasure Hunt!
  20. TNT Run!
  21. Decorate House!
  22. PvP!

It also includes 3 additional rooms , A Youtuber Room! , A Class room! (to dress up) and A Colorful floor!


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