Ulicith is a mystery puzzle map that has a unique story background that simulate our current world.

The main theme of this story is Ulicith’s corporation. Ulicith provides cellphone and high speed internet services, with the very lowest prices compares to other provider in the town of Sinshi.

Creator: Sesuchan
Client Version: 1.7.2 above

They have the latest technology and uses it as their forefront innovation against other company and keep on producing higher end laptop, phones, and tablets, monopolizing Shinshi’s communications market.

You will be playing as Ji, a resident of Shinshi and an owner of Ulicith’s Laptop that has some technical problem which warrants a visit of RMA services at Ulicith.

So you went to its HQ but instead of getting your laptop repaired, you end up stuck inside the HQ discovering things that you or your townsfolk never knew happening behind and looking for ways out .


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