This is the original Tunnel Trouble series map. It is said to be the hardest Minecraft map ever existed currently. It is the longest tunnel/bridge map that is 5000 blocks long and our goal is to get to the end of this tunnel safely.

Tunnel Trouble Original has 9 class job that you can choose . The jobs are Paladin, Scout, Ninja, Wizard, Assassin, Golem, Knight, Archer, Oddjob and Summoner. There are 3 difficulty settings that you can choose from : Easy, Medium and Hard.

GenreChallenge, Survival


  • [Paladin] [Scout] [Ninja] [Wizard] [Assassin] [Golem] [Knight] [Archer][Oddjob] [Summoner]
  • Has 3 difficulty settings : Easy Medium Hard
  • Added New Villagers At 100 Blocks
  • Added Gravel Barricades At 50 Blocks
  • Added Night Vision Potion Spawners
  • Added Option For Torches
  • Fixed Golems Getting Distracted By Mobs On The Roof


Download TunnelTroubleV2


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