Tunnel Trouble Cave Edition Minecraft Map


Tunnel Trouble Cave Edition series map is said to be the hardest minecraft map ever existed currently. It is the longest tunnel/bridge map that is 5,000 blocks long and our goal is to get to the end of this tunnel safely.

Of course there will be thousand of mobs waiting to ambush, attack and kill you so that we won’t get to the end of the tunnel. Developer of this map is so sure that no one would be able to get out from his tunnel and he challenge everyone to just get as far as they can. Are you up for the challenge?

Genre Challenge,Survival
Developer TeamWyldcraft


[Enchantment Tables] [Anvils] [Bunkers] [Gravel Blockades] [Helicopter Ports] [Castles] [Sand to Build Bases] & [Custom Trades from Villagers]


  • Play On Hard Difficulty
  • Only Build Or Break: Sand, Iron Blocks, Snow Blocks, & Pumpkins
  • No Going On Top Of The Bridge
  • Don’t do /kill


Download Tunnel Trouble Cave Edition


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