Tropical Vacation is another Adventure / Parkour map from bodil40 that would satisfy any player with its beautiful scenery and gameplay .

According to bodil40 despite the name Tropical Vacation, this version of his minecraft map is more to summer-themed but if you ask me it looks like a theme park instead of a tropical island. The point of the map is to relax and enjoy summer while being most-likely annoyed from the parkour and the stuff that trolls you.

GenreAdventure, Parkour

Like any other bodil40 creation this map comes with its own texture pack and the difference between Tropical Vacation texture pack and other EJM texture pack defined by the skins textures in those pack. For example this map has many skins texture that is different than his other map, most notable skins that I’ve seen is Pikachu’s gateway.

Playing this map without Tropical Vacation’s texture pack won’t be as fun as it should. Also recommended using shaders mod


1 – Play on Normal or above
2 – Don’t cheat
3 – Have fun
4 – If you’re playing on a server – turn on command blocks!
5 – use the required texture pack


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  1. this didn’t work for me. i installed it and put it in my resource pack folder, but the resource pack didn’t go into the area where i can open it on minecraft

    1. 1.7.9 should be good. after you manage to load the textures in 1.7.9 just change back your launcher to current version and texture will load properly.

  2. Hi! Your map is awesome! I am a youth librarian and my library runs Minecraft events each month for kids (in-house server). I think they are getting a bit bored with the maps I create (I admit, I’m not great) so I thought I would try downloading a map to put on our server for them to play. I’ve only tested your map on my home computer with my son’s account and it won’t let me get into creative mode to add more swords and food (we have about 40 kids play). I have to go through our IT Dept to get maps loaded onto our server – before I do that, when it is on our server and I log in using our admin account, will I be able to get into creative mode?! Better yet, is there a way to go in to do it before they load it? And better still, will use like this be ok with you!?! Thanks!

      1. Oh goodness. He looks rather popular, so I think my question will more than likely get overlooked! I think I might try something else. Thank you so much though, I appreciate the reply!

        1. Maybe you could try asking in minecraft official forum. Perhaps someone there might be able to help.

          Glad I’m able to help in any way.

  3. I have a small problem… I can’t get the texture pack to work… I’m in the version 1.7.9 but its not showing. Also I have a mac but I don’t think that will do that much of a difference. The Map shows but not the texture pack. What do I do?

  4. So I have a problem. I put the texture pack in the folder but it wont show up in the minecraft textures. I tried changing the version but it just wont work.

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