Trials of The Gods Map is like its name, a map where you have to undergo challenges from Greek mythology gods Zeus, Athena and Artemis.

GenreChallenge, Parkour

The map is about showing your skills and bravery in winning the hearts of the three gods. Be a warrior and prove yourself as a true hunter to Artemis by showing your skills and knowledge. You must prove yourself as a warrior to Zeus by demonstrating your combat skills, and you must prove you self to Athena by showing her your knowledge.

As usual with this kind of challenge you will need to show off some of your parkour and fighting skills against ridiculous amount of mobs, undergo some strange trials and break through couples of maze. The scenery and terrain are well made which gives the fighting and adventure a realistic environment, it is recommended to use RPG and HD texture pack. The map size is big about 6mb so this is quite a big map.

Trials of The Gods Download


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