Traincraft Railroad Map V2


You like trains? Want to play at a railroad without getting run over by a train ? Then this Traincraft Railroad Map V2 made for Minecraft is for you.

It’s really dangerous to play near a railroad so let’s just play it inside minecraft instead.

Creator: Brendansports
Client Version: 1.12

This map is originally made by EXTRACACTUS and overhauled by Brendansports because EXTRACACTUS no longer manages and update this map.

Brendansports updated a lot of features in this map and added a few mods to make it even more realistic.

So in order to play this map you need to install a few 17.10 mods and resource pack.

Download Traincraft mod
Download Railcraft Mod
Download Carpenter Mod
Download LB Photo Realism resource pack

Optionally you may need optifine.



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