Town of Heine is a replica of the same town in Lineage 2 MMO. This map is made for Minecraft.

Creator: SANAR_minzdrav
Client Version: 1.7.10

However, it is not an exact copy of Town of Heine in Lineage 2 as all the decors and buildings are invented by SANAR_minzdrav and does not follow 100% of Lineage 2.

But the scales and proportion is made to stick with the original map.

Honestly if it doesn’t follow the original buildings then it doesn’t matter if the scale is in proportion with the original town right?

ForgeOptiFine 1.7.10 with the Chisel 2 mod are required to play this map

1) Extract the “Heine” folder to C: /Users/user/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/saves
2) Place the file “Chisel-2-Mod-1.7.10.jar” in the folder C: /Users/user/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft/mods (most likely you will have the folder 1.7.10 in the mods folder, put this file there fashion).


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