TimeTrap is a unique survival map that traps you within a timeframe. Depending on how you play this, there will be PVP involved.

The game starts as like any other survival game. You’ll mine and look for ores, build all essentials items, house or farm as you please but once the time starts ticking, you will have to craft 4 items or you will die.

The four items that you must craft before the clock hits the mark is Iron, Emerald, Gold and Diamond. Once you crafted the item, jump and step on it to lengthen your countdown..

Creator: Brutec
Client Version: 1.8

However, each block adds a different amount of lengths to your countdown so make sure you build one that gives you enough time to search for more materials to survived.

What’s great about Timetrap is that it supports minecraft online multiplayer so you can play with friends. It also has its own minecraft server.

Brutec’s Vanilla Minigames Server:

Official TimeTrap Server:

Transfer Time : You may transfer your time to a friend by standing on the same spot. The player who wants to received time must look up and the one giving it away must look down.

PVP : Kill another player and you may get half of his time


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