Three Ring Eden is a Fantasy Adventure Simulator which is a fast pace RPG adventure map .

So you can expect a vast RPG fantasy world with bunch of RPG features added.

For example there are 4 classes for you to choose as your main character. The game also added 37 unique weapons and dozens of powerful items.

The map consist of great storyline and gameplay that added 20 hours of gameplay .

Client Version: 1.12.2

What makes this map even better is that it supports minecraft online multiplayer session up to four player!

There are 22 mini bosses you can fight and 4 Big Boss Fights – Gorilla King / Ender Wizard / Ragnar Orc Boss / Ravali Raven .

There are lots of mini dungeons, wizards towers , secret areas and loots to be find.

This is basically the map of the year!


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  1. Thanks for posting my map! I’m glad you think it’s map of the year! There’s a lot more content coming to Three Ring Eden in the very near future.

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