This is not a map is an intriguing map about not being a map. It’s certainly a unique gameplay about a map that does not wants to acknowledge itself.

D.A.V.E. is a virtual intelligence created by the user Half_Roman. D.A.V.E. tried its best to tell everyone that there is no map, no download button, nothing to find and nothing to see in the danger that will come soon after.

Creator: TheVirtualIntelligenceDAVE
Client Version : 1.8

However D.A.V.E is here to tell you that there is a certain danger incoming. It’s Them. They are everywhere. They are the negative and the positive. The ying and yang that balance the good and bad in your life.

But now they are no more balance in Them. They are giving more bads than goods.

We need to stop them. We need to stop the Glichesepghw\e-gher\-gh9e\-goher\ohge\r[sohg\swhg\wohg\oheg\h
delete system32

This is not a map Download

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