Therapy is another minecraft horror map made for halloween and was part of the 72 hours map challenge.

Halloween has left us but that wont stop me from posting horror themes maps, beside it has been a booming genre lately. Therapy is a bit different from other minecraft horror map since it focuses more into twisted and psychotic mind of an asylum patient.

You will play as Jim who has been a patient in an asylum since you’re 9 years old. You wanted to get better so you called a couple of therapists for help but only one responded to your call.

Creator: Betathedata
Client Version: 1.8

Something happened to you 20 years ago.. Other therapists given up on you. You wonder if this guy could really help you break out from this horror mind of yours


  1. Clouds – Off
  2. Brightness – Moody
  3. Wait until sounds have finished until progressing further
  4. Do not move during cut-scenes (When in spectator mode)
  5. Single player

Download Therapy ver 1.0

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