The Twelve Trials


The Twelve Trials is a hardcore challenging puzzle game that will make you rage quit. Made especially for Minecraft.

Welcome to The Twelve Trials! Today, you will face twelve trials, each will challenge your brain, and others you’ll overthink.

Creator KhaosGaming_KG
Client Version1.12.2

Upon starting The Twelve Trials, you press the start button thus entering The Twelve Trials.

Let me warn you, this map requires patience and determination, otherwise, you will fail. This challenge is designed for you to progress and learn from your mistakes, meaning you will not complete this on the first try.

Upon answering a question incorrectly, you will be killed, ending your game. You will respawn at the beginning, and will have to start again.

As you go through the trials, be sure to look around as you will not always be facing the answer choices.

There are signs and messages in chat to help you know where to look. Pay attention to the bottom left corner for the chat window, here your questions and additional information will appear.

Once you reach the end, you will need a four digit code to unlock the doors to the finish line.

Across from each button is a sign, the sign holds one digit of the code. These signs are encrypted so you will have to decode it in order to get the code. This may seem difficult, but it is not.

In order to decode a sign, you must examine it for anything different from the rest of the sign. Good luck, have fun, and be patient and you will succeed.


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