The Tunnels II is a minecraft parkour map . I don’t usually share parkour map on minevcraft because there’s nothing to summarize about it other than you need to jump and finish the race however, this map was presented nicely by xTs_UnderZero17 that I think we all should give it a try.

Creator: xTs_UnderZero17
Client Version: 1.9

Not sure if it has a sequel or not but the map name has II in it so I presume this is a sequel map. It has 4 rooms and 3 different stages.

Each room has different difficulty and it changes itself to be more difficult if you fail. Not to mention it also becomes harder as you reach further to the end.

Now here’s the good part, you can play this with as many people as you like as it supports minecraft online multiplayer session. Remember to enable command block if playing on server


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