The Tormenting! Horror Map


Did you know about the story of a that old rundown hospital which was shutdown back in 1968? For some unknown reason, they took it down back then and soon after it becomes a growing nest for graffiti artists. However, the hospital is then suddenly in a limelight over missing people , mainly the people who drew stuff in its walls.

The artists later were all found out dead. Police suspected their deaths on local gangs but there is no evidence of any gangs involvements.

Developer: SiR_CrafTy
Version: 1.7.10

Every day more and more the so called “artists” is found dead, the victims died horrifically , their bodies is skinned and covered in blood.

Now the incidents are widely known by the locals and the hospital adopted the title of ‘haunted’. After 45 years since the incidents the people whom are living close by heard screams and loud noises coming from the hospital but nothing was found over these complaints. The people are still hearing noises coming everyday..

One day, you decided to take a walk nearby the area and notices a faint light from the hospital direction. Could it be the ghost hunters roaming inside? You decided to check it out..

Tormenting is a fine replacement for Orphanage Horror . Also it comes with its own texture pack that you must use it with.

The Tormenting By SiR_CrafTy


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