The Territory is an action adventure horror map. When you combine 3 genre is a map you know it’s a good map.

As a part of a military exploration squad, you were sent to a dark forest situated somewhere in the eastern Europe.

Shortly after arrival, you and your squad are ambushed, and you don’t remember what happened. 

Soon you’ll realize two things – the forest is occupied by lunatics and
bloodthirsty creatures, and apparently you’ve been turned into an unstoppable beast of the night. 

Let the hunt begin.

Reading the synopsis makes me giddy. I just love horror minecraft map so much.

Anyway the map boasted of 2 hours gameplay time. It has engaging story and unique level designed for horror genre.

As usual with such grande map, it uses custom music , sound effects, custom monsters and custom weaponry.

You get to choose between 2 different mode. Normal and Nightmare. The world is also a vast place to explore with challenges to finish.

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