The Stories Of Tarvald – Trip To School is an adventure with parkour and puzzle elements included.

This map is unique as you get to travel from Egypt to Greece, mines and temples all scattered around the school.

Creator: JamesXCx
Client Version : 1.8.3

Search, Ride, Meet new worlds, Fight for the last breath, Find a way out, Find secrets, Find diamonds, Escape BIG rooms, Do tasks, Challenge yourself, Earn prizes, Think, BURN.

There are many things to do within the school and if you happens to miss some of the signboard, you could get lost.

Tarvald supports multiplayer but only on Vanilla server. Command blocks need to be enabled for multi. If you happens to spawn at an incorrect spot type /tp -216 63 442 .

the-stories-of-tarvald-trip-to-school-adventure download

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