The Stadium


Want a PVP map? The Stadium might be the minecraft map you need.

“The Stadium” is a team PvP map. The goal is that the first team to get 50 points wins the game. Each kill will be 1 point for the team. 

Capturing the opponent’s wool will serve to give advantage in the marking with 20 points, although whoever captures the dragon egg that is located at the top of the center of the field will be the final winner, but it will not be a simple task since you can only place the blocks in specific sites.

A very funny and frenetic map that you will enjoy in the company of your friends. Inspired by the map “The Towers” by Quijx.

Creator PlayCarlosLIVE
Client Version1.15

As stated above. The Stadium is made for Minecraft 1.15 means you need the latest version client and possible the latest Optifine too if you had one installed.

The Stadium seems to be a mix of CTM , PVP and Mini game so I’m sure you would love it.

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