The Siege of Nymfhill is a dungeon map made for minecraft

The Siege of Nymfhill is a rebuild of an abandon map project called project anoria.

Lore of this dungeon?
The Sand Elves have been a thorn in the Dark Empire’s back for a long while. The Guerrilla type warfare has been exhausting the Orc army. The Dark Empire, willing to end this war, has been trying to find their base of operation for years, which is hard since the Sand Elves are a nomadic race.

Client version1.12.2

With the introduction out of the way, we now have the Ruined City of Nymfhill, an easily fortifiable city, on a strategic location. A group of archeologists, while reseaching this ancient city, discover a lot of Sand Elven activity in the area.

After notifying the Dark Empire, they come to the conclusion that they are planning to settle in the city for good. So they start a siege on the city.

Meanwhile, the player with his team, infiltrate the city from within, hoping to weaken their defences, or even better, assassinate the King of the Sand Elves.

This is the first dungeon you’re supposed to encounter in Anoria. The monster in the dungeon are mostly golems and Sand Elves.

Looking at the screenshots it certainly a beautiful map even if it’s just the dungeon alone.

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