The Ship Adventure is a hard difficulty map inspired by hypixel’s map. The game-play of The ship is just like Dark Soul’s video game catch line ” Be prepared to die a lot ” .

You have been kidnapped from your villages by a few pirate crews. You have decided that you must escape and go back home to your family however the task of escaping is not easy. Mobs of zombies and skeletons hinder your ways to the captain. Kill the captain and avenge your village

Bosses drop music discs which are used to unlock doors and proceed to the next zone. If a music disc gets burned, it’s GAME OVER (or simply use /give if you don’t want to start over).

Developer: GonçaloMD
Version: 1.7 and above

The map has 3 modes which is Easy, Normal and Hard. Only easy mode is allowed to play as a single player, other mode requires a helping. With every difficulty you need to add another player to balance the game which also means this is a multi-player map.

The developer also advise that The Ship requires to play with a render distance of 7 or more or else it will bug.


  1. 6 Bosses
  2. Costum Mobs
  3. Weapon’s Lore
  4. 3-4 Hours of gameplay
  5. No mods required
  6. Costum Villager Trades (inside cells)

The Ship – by GonçaloMD


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