1 Room. 9 Days … How long can you survive? The Rodney Project is a survival map based on a real experiment done in real life.

The Rodney Project is a simple. Maintain your sanity for 9 days (3 real-time hours) in a room with absolutely nothing to do.

Based off a real-life experiment, this Project will test your attention span and maybe, just maybe, open your eyes to things you never bothered to consider.

Creator: HerroBrianLOL
Client Version: 1.11

Now what would you do to survive this? In my case I would probably left my char there and go do some real life work and came back when its the 9th days but I’m pretty sure my char would be dead by then.

Quite a weird map don’t you think? There are rules on the wall but I bet it says something along do not dig the walls.. Or maybe not?



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