The Plague story revolves around your adventure in saving the world from a deadly contagious disease which is spreading rapidly around your people.

You must make your way for an adventure to look for an antidote immediately.

When I first saw The Plague, it vibes off as a vampiric disease with most of its building has cross logo. That’s what we usually saw on movies right but since this is minecraft, it must be the ghoul and zombie plague.

Developer: MaxwellDavidZeigler
Client Version: 1.7.9 and above

As you can see from the pictures, there are many places to explore and many hidden items. In your journey looking for antidote there will be side quest to do, a score system and of course the storyline.

However the storyline isn’t as strong as The Orphanage Horror, if only the storyline were more deep and lengthy it would be a great mystery horror map.

No mods required.


The Plague v1.1


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