The Outcast


Let’s play The Outcast survival map where you get to live like characters from Cage of Eden’s manga.

While on a curise on S.S Kraken, a hurricane strike and sinking the ship leaving hundreds of people stranded to doom in a cannibal island.

Creator: Cool6006 and TheDragsterMC
Client Version : 1.8

You came looking for the sunken ship and found these people on the island however you didn’t have enough fuel to go back. Now you are stuck on this island with the survivors and the cannibals .

Fortunately the island seems to have fuel tanks that may have drifted from S.S Kraken but they might have been hidden by the cannibals.

Find all of it and save the people!

p/s: Fortunately for us this map is a minecraft online multiplayer map!!! Play up to 2 people

The Outcast Normal Difficulty
The Outcast Hard Difficulty

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