The Orphanage horror is one of the best horror map made for minecraft pc version made by REMO. It has now been ported to MCPE by KoolGhettoKid which means now you can play it on Android and iPad.

The storyline and gameplay are the same just like the original orphanage horror.

You are driving on the way home from a long journey and felt sleepy. The radio is on but since you have driven for 7 hours, you feel too tired and couldn’t pay attention to your surrounding anymore.

Suddenly your car runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere, not knowing what to do you started walking and hope to find some help and shelter but the only place you find is an orphanage building. The orphanage however, has horrendous mysterious secrets behind it. Now this is the point of your survival, will you manage to live another day?

However MCPE version comes in two pack, the map and resource pack. So you will have to download and install both.

How to install on iOS and Android guide


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