Here we have another Minecraft Horror map based on the first Silent Hill video game. The Orphanage uses texture from the Silent Hill pack and promised you the scariest game-play ever.

You are driving on the way home from a long journey and felt sleepy. The radio is on but since you have driven for 7 hours, you feel too tired and couldn’t pay attention to your surrounding anymore.

Suddenly your car runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere, not knowing what to do you started walking and hope to find some help and shelter but the only place you find is an orphanage building. The orphanage however, has horrendous mysterious secrets behind it. Now this is the point of your survival, will you manage to live another day?

Genre: Survival Horror
Version: 1.7.x
Developer: Remo

The dev of The Orphanage promised that Orphanage Features

  • Lots of Jumpscares
  • and scary ambiance
  • Realistic Texture
  • An amazing story

The Orphanage Horror 1.7.2


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  1. What happens if you didnt make it out the door with the button and you broke the button to try and bring it with you?

  2. I haven’t actually played it, but I’ve seen it on YouTube and there are 3 words that describe it:
    Terrifying, creepy, and awesome. Sooo many jumpscares.

    1. That’s your PC problem.. The file is in zip. Right click and open it with a winrar or winzip.

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