The Necromancer is a great adventure map with custom classes and abilities. Read more about the features below

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Our story begins in the middle of a sandy desert. Sunlight was becoming less and less. This caused many farmers to lose their harvests. A team of miners was sent to a village to set up shop and explore a nearby temple in search of a cause of this anomaly. Hostile monsters starting attacking the village, getting more aggressive with each assault. Soon, soldiers showed up to the village and followed the miners to the temple. This worried the locals. More soldiers passed through the village but none ever return from the temple. Whatever was found underneath the temple was probably best left alone. A call for the most powerful heroes was sent out. Will you answer?

It is worth noting that although there are 3 classes available to play, this map is suitable for 1-3 players. The map is entirely possible to do solo. I (the creator of this map) have beaten it solo with all three classes, so if you wish to play solo do not hesitate!

Death Knight
As a master of death and blood magic, the death knight will stop at nothing to defeat his enemies. The death knight is heavily armored, wields an axe, and has two unique abilities.
Ability #1: HauntThe death knight tears out his soul to cause torment to foes around him. Enemies caught within this effect take significant damage over time.
Ability #2: Blood PactAfter casting a spell using blood magic, the death knight gains a damage and resistance boost for a brief period of time.

The paladin is a knight who utilized holy power to protect himself and his allies while smiting the undead. The paladin has medium ranked armor, a sword and shield, and two unique abilities.
Ability #1: SmiteThe paladin calls down holy fire upon all nearby entities. Friendly players are cleansed by the light receiving a quick burst of health while enemies are damaged.
Ability #2: Power ShieldA magical shield surrounds the paladin and his allies granting a temporary absorption boost to prevent incoming damage.

An Elementalist is able to control the forces of nature to his will granting him immeasurable power. The elementalist is very lightly armored, and uses a trident. He has three unique abilities.
Ability #1: Water SproutWater erupts from under nearby enemies causing them to be launched into the air. Enemies are temporarily immobilized while in the air and take damage upon slamming back into the ground.
Ability #2: Gale WindsGale winds grants the elementalist the ability to glide through the air and move around quickly. This ability is great for repositioning for an attack or making a speedy escape.
Ability #3: Lightning StrikeThe elementalist calls down lightning to smite 3 nearby enemies. The lightning deals massive damage and lights enemies on fire for additional damage over time.

The main feature of this map is the boss fight. A lot (and I mean A LOT) of work went into making this so any feedback regarding glitches or balance changes that you come up with would be greatly appreciated. Below is a short guide to the boss fight that features some basic information about the fight. If you wish to go in blind and learn from simply playing then go right ahead to that download button! If not, here is some info you should know before going into the fight:

1. The boss has 300 hearts of health. That is 3x the ender dragon! This fight is gonna be long.

2. The boss has 3 stages depending on his health. Each stage he grows stronger and gains new abilities.

3. Upon changing from stage to stage the boss will summon 4 enemies on EACH players location.

4. The change in stage can be seen by a color change in the boss health bar at the top of the screen.

5. The boss does not take knockback from player hits so do not expect to keep him at range. Keep a good distance away from him to avoid being hit.

6. Have fun!

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